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GlobalHealth Testimonials


Jason Wisdom

GlobalHealth State Member

One summer, Jason Wisdom dropped 66 pounds and began cycling, running and swimming. In September that year, he entered his first triathlon. Wisdom was poised to fulfill his dream of one day entering an Iron Man Triathlon. Within weeks, Wisdom faced perhaps the fight of his life: he has West Nile Virus and needed a ventilator just to breathe. He entered the hospital in October and didn’t return home until February.

When asked what kept him going, he responded, “my faith, my family and my inner fight.”

Desperate for answers, the family turned to Becky Anderson, GlobalHealth Executive Director of Care Management. Becky supported them every step of the way. Wisdom praised everyone involved in his care, but said GlobalHealth stood out.

“The funny thing was that it was our insurance company making things less stressful because of all the personal support we were given,” he said.

Today, Wisdom is walking. And he keeps his dream alive of one day resuming triathlon competition.