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While you are a member of our plan, you must use your GlobalHealth member ID card whenever you get covered services at a doctor’s office, a medical facility and for prescription drugs you get at network pharmacies. You should also show the provider your Medicaid card, if applicable.

We send cards to members prior to the start of the plan year. We will resend cards to member who change Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) or have a qualifying life event during the year. Look at your member ID card to make sure everything is correct, including the name of your PCP. Contact us if any of the information is wrong or you have any questions about your card.

Keep in mind services are for your personal benefit. Never lend your card to someone else. You cannot share your benefits. Your member ID card is only valid as long as you are enrolled in a GlobalHealth plan. Having a card does not guarantee benefits.


If your plan member ID card is damaged, lost or stolen, contact Customer Care right away and we will send you a new card.