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Oklahoma Insurance Provider provides heat safety tips to help seniors thrive during the state’s seasonal temperature spikes


Extreme heat one of leading weather-related killers in U.S., with senior citizens at greater risk
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Oklahoma HMO shares health information on “silent killers”


High cholesterol, hypertension can lead to deadly diseases, especially during COVID-19 pandemic
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Oklahoma-based HMO shares prevention, management information for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


– In an effort to educate and empower Oklahomans to take control of their own health, Okla-homa-based health insurance provider GlobalHealth is sharing information regarding the third-leading cause of death in the nation, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), as well as tips for prevention and management of the disease.
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Oklahoma-based HMO releases educational and prevention information during National Stroke Awareness Month


is National Stroke Awareness Month, and GlobalHealth, an Oklahoma based insurance provider, has released a simple-to-follow list of preventative tips, as well as common warning signs for identifying stroke and its accompanying risk factors.
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Education on Medicare Advantage plan Special Enrollment Period for individuals impacted by COVID-19


Oklahoma HMO shares qualifying events, including COVID-19 affecting Medicare beneficiaries
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Oklahoma HMO launches social media contests to encourage a sense of community during COVID-19 pandemic


Weekly participants can share healthy recipes and healthy selfies to promote wellness
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GlobalHealth announces partnership with Epione Healthcare


Oklahoma-based companies partner to offer value-based care program
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Top three Medicare retirement tips to consider for layoffs, furloughs


Oklahoma HMO offers best practices for coverage during sudden income shift or retirement
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Oklahoma HMO shares coronavirus fraud awareness information


GlobalHealth remains fully operational to ensure members get the care they need. In light of the ongoing coronavirus situation in the state, GlobalHealth, an Oklahoma-based health insurance provider, is sharing coronavirus fraud awareness information, as well as business continuity updates, to help Oklahomans and members stay safe and protected.
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Oklahoma HMO shares tips to help seniors with their oral health


Approximately 20% of seniors over age 65 have no remaining teeth
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Oklahoma HMO shares tips to avoid Medicare retirement mistakes


Avoid paying penalties by knowing deadlines, coverage options
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Keep your heart healthy this American Heart Month with tips from Oklahoma HMO


1 in 4 American deaths each year attributed to heart disease
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Oklahoma HMO shares wellness tips for 2020


Healthy lifestyle choices can prevent health problems down the road
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Oklahoma HMO shares tips to help beat the winter blues


While falls and hypothermia are two main concerns during the winter months, seniors are also at risk for a lesser-known health hazard — seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
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Oklahoma HMO shares tips to lower risk of falling


More than one in three people over 65 fall each year
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Oklahoma HMO encourages seniors to prevent flu, colds by washing hands


National Handwashing Awareness Week taking place Dec. 1-7
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Oklahoma HMO provides information for National Diabetes Month


1.5 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes each year
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Oklahoma HMO provides osteoporosis screening information


Approximately 44 million Americans have low bone density, are at risk of developing osteoporosis
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Oklahoma HMO shares breast cancer awareness information


Women who get screened regularly have 47% lower risk of dying from breast cancer
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Oklahoma HMO shares Medicare enrollment information


Annual Enrollment Period opens Tuesday, Oct. 15, many Oklahomans don't take advantage of Medicare Advantage benefits
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