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Starting today, members can order their own free COVID home test kits at The limit is 4 kits, per household. Orders are shipped and tracked by USPS.

If you purchase a COVID home test from an in-network pharmacy, the pharmacy will process a claim for FDA authorized, cleared, or approved OTC COVID-19 antigen tests at $0.

If you purchase a COVID home test from an out-of-network pharmacy or other non-pharmacy retailer, you can submit for reimbursement from the plan.

Out-of-Network Reimbursement Guidelines:

Quantity limits are 8 individual tests, per month or 4 double testing kits, per month. Both quantities are per covered individual with the plan.

Reimbursement limits are $12 for a box with one test or $24 for a box with two tests.

Reimbursement Address:

Please mail an itemized copy of your purchase receipt to:

PO Box 2718
Oklahoma City, OK 73101