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Medicare Advantage Plans with Fitness Benefits

GlobalHealth includes a fitness benefit in all Generations Medicare Advantage plans at no cost to the member through Silver&Fit®.

What benefits are included?

Silver&Fit provides these members with a broad, next generation fitness program that gives members access to a fitness center membership, home fitness kits, wearable wireless fitness devices, mobile applications, and exercise equipment discounts through Silver&Fit Connected!.

Silver&Fit’s proprietary Connected! Program tracks exercise and activity through 250+ wearable wireless fitness devices, mobile applications, and exercise equipment, as well as fitness center workouts. Members can choose connected devices, apps, and equipment. Results are converted into points and members are acknowledged by the Silver&Fit Rewards Program. In addition, Silver&Fit provides access to healthy aging classes, award-winning newsletters,, and other services.

Facebook Live Exercise Classes

Join live workouts with the Silver&Fit team on the Silver&Fit Facebook page. These Facebook Live classes are available to the entire  community, not just Silver&Fit members, so tell your friends! Plus, all classes are saved to the Silver&Fit YouTube page so you can enjoy them at your convenience.

Signature Series Classes

Watch these popular exercise videos, designed for all fitness levels, right at Originally created for members working out in fitness centers, the Signature Series classes are now available online to Silver&Fit members.

Announcement Flier

Fitness Center Membership
  • Members receive fitness center membership at no cost.
  • Fitness center options will include more than 20,000 participating fitness centers across the United States. Available fitness center types include full centers, basic coed centers, some YMCAs, gender-specific centers, and exercise centers.
  • Fitness advisors at Silver&Fit-contracted centers will meet with the Silver&Fit members to introduce them to the fitness center and assist them with enrolling at the fitness center.
  • Members may register for and use more than one fitness center or instructor led class program in a given month.
  • Fitness club memberships include access to cardiovascular equipment; free weights; resistance training equipment; group exercise classes; and, where available, amenities such as saunas, steam rooms, and whirlpools. Exercise center memberships offer access to the standard services offered by the exercise center such as dance, Pilates, yoga, and/or other classes.
  • Each Silver&Fit fitness center will provide access to a fitness center employee who will act as the Silver&Fit fitness advisor at the fitness center. The Silver&Fit fitness advisor will meet with Silver&Fit members to introduce them to the fitness center and assist them with enrolling.
Digital Fitness Choices

More than 8,000 on-demand Digital Workout Library videos, including.

  • Aquatic Exercise
  • Chair Exercise Classes
  • Dance
  • Flexibility and Balance
  • High Intensity Training
  • Total Body Workout
  • Upper and Lower Body Workouts
  • Yoga
Home Fitness Kits

Silver&Fit home fitness kits can be used by members who may prefer to exercise at home or while traveling. This is in addition to signing up for a fitness center membership and using the digital options. Members can select one home fitness kit per year. There are no geographic limitations or requirements for use of the home fitness kits. Silver&Fit offers a broad range of home fitness kits.

  • Wearable fitness trackers
  • Kits for yoga, Pilates, swimming, and strength
Silver&Fit Connected!

An online data aggregator tracks members’ fitness center visits, exercise, and other independent activity data collected by one of 250+ wearable wireless fitness devices, mobile applications, and fitness videos. All activity collected through Connected! is standardized and converted to points, which can be used towards rewards at no additional cost to the plan.

Access to
  • Members receive access to a comprehensive, full-service, user-friendly website that meets accessibility standards for older adults. Website components include, but are not limited to:
  • Member registration and enrollment for the Silver&Fit Program
  • Directory, maps, and locators for fitness center network
  • Virtual “streaming” fitness videos, which allow members to participate in a fitness class or perform fitness exercises 
  • National directory of thousands of social clubs, providing information about both fitness-oriented and non-fitness-oriented clubs
  • Responsive design, allowing members to use our website on their PC, as well as handheld devices including smart phones and tablets
Mobile App
  • Download the Silver&Fit ASHConnect™ mobile app and log in with your Silver&Fit website username and password to view over 280 virtual fitness workouts.
Silver&Fit Healthy Aging Coaching and Online Resources
  • The Silver&Fit Healthy Aging Coaching Program was designed to assist older adults with weight management, stress management, sleep hygiene, nutrition, fitness, avoiding social isolation, and other topics using various coaching tools including:
  • Live coaching from trained health coaches – one-on-one support
Healthy Aging Education Program
  • All members enrolled in Silver&Fit will have access to 48 healthy aging education classes, which can be viewed on the Silver&Fit website or delivered to the member by mail.
Silver&Fit Newsletters
  • All members enrolled in Silver&Fit will have access to the quarterly Silver&Fit newsletter, The Silver Slate®, which is distributed via the Silver&Fit website, by email, or by mail. The Silver&Fit newsletter is geared towards older adults and includes articles on nutrition, exercise, weight management, and taking better care of oneself.
  • Members eligible for the Silver&Fit Exercise & Healthy Aging Program may request the Healthy Aging Education Program by mail. If provided by mail, the member receives a DVD and workbook with 12 courses each quarter. 
Social Club Network

All members enrolled in Silver&Fit can join social clubs:

  • 6 categories – active and sports, outdoor and adventure, hobbies, education and learning, social and support, and volunteer
  • 54 national organizations
  • 120,000 clubs/groups

Additional Questions/Find a Fitness Center

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