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One of the longstanding plusses you receive in serving your fellow citizens as a State or Education employee is your health insurance benefit. Emphasizing both high quality and low cost, GlobalHealth developed a range of products to improve the quality of life and provide you and your family with health insurance coverage that fits your unique needs.

GlobalHealth is your local choice for great benefits with major savings.

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Health Plan for State & Education Employees

GlobalHealth is an approved plan, offered by the State. We have been serving State and Education employees since 2003.

Member Materials

Get to know your benefits, find forms and resources, or let our customer care experts point you in the right direction.


Your healthy life is about more than your ability to pay for the care you need. It’s learning about diet and nutrition, staying active and enjoying every day to its fullest. GlobalHealth provides you with the resources and information you need to pursue your best life now.

Forms, Tools, & Resources

Paperwork and health records are a complicated necessity when it comes to healthcare. GlobalHealth simplifies your life by putting every resource at your fingertips. And, if you ever have trouble locating a form or finding the answer to your questions, our friendly customer care representatives are standing by to assist you.


This is the first step in finding answers to your health insurance questions.