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Learn more about your GlobalHealth benefits! Download the Member Handbook and other important documents below. All documents shown are available in printed versions. If you need a printed version, please contact Customer Care and a copy will be mailed to you at no cost.

Find information in the Member Handbook about:

  • Choosing a PCP
  • Complaints, Grievances and Appeals
  • Urgent/Emergency Care

Unless otherwise stated, all plans are HMO and require referrals from your Primary Care Physician.

Document Name Language ADA
2023 Plan Materials
Member Handbook English Espanol Accessible
Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) English    
Benefits at a Glance English    
Provider Directory English    
Pharmacy Directory English Espanol  


Important Links Language ADA
Pharmacy FAQ
Prescription Drug Claim Form English    


Additional Documents Language ADA
Legal Documents
Privacy Notice English    
Oklahoma Advance Directive English    
Transition of Care Form English    
Rx Transition of Care Form English    
2022 State Creditable Coverage Notice English    
Federal Surprise Medical Billing Notice English    
Authorization to Disclose PHI Form English    
Extra Documents
How to Get the Most out of Your Plan English    


Click here for member materials prior to 2023.