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When your doctor writes you a prescription, ask them if a generic equivalent is available.

What are Generic Drugs?

Our plan covers both brand name drugs and generic drugs. A generic drug is approved by the FDA as having the same active ingredient as the brand name drug. Generally, generic drugs cost less than brand name drugs.

What is a Low Cost Generic (LCG)?

Generic drugs available at the lowest cost. Please note the specific strengths and dosage forms; other strengths and/or dosage forms of these products would be subject to the standard generic cost-share. Check your formulary for the “LCG” label to identify what drugs are considered a “Low Cost Generic” for your plan.

Check Formulary

Why Spend More?

Generic drugs work just as well as their branded counterparts. They have the same active ingredients in the same strength at the same dosage. Generic drugs can cost up to 90% less than their brand equivalents.

Why do Brand Names cost more?

According to the FDA, brand-name drugs are typically more expensive because of the higher initial costs to develop, market, and sell a brand-new drug. 

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions about the drugs you are taking. Even if the specific brand you have been prescribed does not have a generic equivalent, there may be a similar drug available generically that could save you money. You and your doctor will always make the final decision about your treatment, but it pays to discuss your options.

Generic Drugs: Questions and Answers

Facts and Myths about Generic Drugs