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Value Max Program

The Value Max program is available to GlobalHealth Commercial members (State and Education, Federal, and Group Plans only) at no cost. This program is designed to identify the highest copay assistance available for eligible prescription drugs, typically resulting in a lower copay for you. To benefit from this program, you must fill eligible prescriptions through Magellan Rx Pharmacy, a mail-order pharmacy.

Click here for the 2022 list of eligible prescription drugs.

If you receive a drug on the Value Max prescription drug list, you will be automatically enrolled in the Value Max program. You may disenroll from the Value Max program at any time. If you do not already receive your prescriptions from Magellan Rx Pharmacy, you must disenroll from the Value Max program to continue to receive your prescriptions at your local pharmacy.

If you have any questions about the Value Max program, please contact Magellan at 1-800-424-1789 (TTY:711) (toll-free) or GlobalHealth at 1-877-280-5600 (TTY:711)(toll-free).

Frequently Asked Questions – 

 Q:  Why is my copay different than last year?

A: This copay assistance program leverages the benefit offered by the manufacturer. GlobalHealth along with our PBM Magellan have coordinated to ensure that the greatest value of coverage is extended to you for the entire year (each program is unique to the utilized drug). The copay difference is simply due to the claim being paid by more than one payer.

 Q:  Will I pay more than last year for my drug?

A:  No. You will likely pay the same or less than you have in the past.

 Q:  I paid less than my usual copay, is that right?

A:  Yes. The program is designed to maximize the available dollars while keeping your copay the same or less.

 Q:  Will this program cost me any money?

A:  No. This program does not cost you anything. GlobalHealth is also adding your expected cost to your Out of Pocket total for each claim.

 Q:  How do I sign up for manufacturer’s copay assistance programs?

A:  You can sign up via the manufacturers website of the utilized drug. If you are not familiar with the drugs or this process, you can call Magellan RX Pharmacy, and our team will assist you in signing up over the phone and help with your first fill.

 Q:  How do I transfer my prescription to Magellan Rx Pharmacy?

A:  You can transfer your prescription(s) by:

  • Asking your doctor to send a new prescription to Magellan Rx Pharmacy, or
  • Calling Magellan Rx Pharmacy at 1-866-554-2673 (TTY:711) and request they transfer the prescription to their pharmacy. Please have your current pharmacy’s contact information available. 

 Q:  How long does it take for my prescription(s) to get delivered?

A:  Magellan Rx Pharmacy typically takes 7-10 days for delivery of medication.